From Model-Driven Engineering to Model-Driven Interoperability


Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is an approach to (software) development that focus on domain models for specifying functionnal aspects, leaving aside implementation aspects, which are addressed separately; a metamodel (model of models) is used for defining domain context and providing domain-specific elements for models design and handling.
Recently (Bruneliere et al., 2010), the role of models as key enablers for interoperability was highlighted and the advisory process was detailed as follows :

  1. making explicit the metamodel(i.e., the internal schema) of each system,
  2. aligning metamodels by matching related concepts,
  3. performing model-to-model transformations to exploit this matching information and to export data

We are currently applying Model-Driven Interoperability methods to data problems in Life Sciences.


# Bruneliere, H., Cabot, J., Clasen, C., Jouault. F., Bezivin, J. (2010) Towards Model Driven Tool Interoperability: Bridging Eclipse and Microsoft Modeling Tools, 6th European Conference on Modeling Foundations and Applications (ECMFA 2010), Paris (FRANCE)