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Magali Roux, PhD - CEO

Magali Roux, PhD, former Senior Scientist (Research Director) at CNRS, is currently CEO and founder of BioData Consulting.

She started her career as assistant-professor at the Marseille University Hospital (France) after obtaining her PhD in Biochemistry from the Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy (CIML). Then, she won first prize in a national competition to attend a CNRS academic tenure before being offered a post-doctoral position at Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass., USA) where she was doing her research in Molecular Immunology. Since that, she has produced leading contributions in the fields of Immunology and Cancer.
In the late 90's, she converted her research focus to redirect efforts and skills to the emerging domain of data management in Life Sciences, and has been working successively as group leader at Necker Hospital, Pasteur Institute and University "Pierre and Marie Curie", in Paris (France). Her work has largely contributed to pave the way to Systems Biology. Her more recent efforts are focusing on new approaches in data integration.

At the same time, she has held numerous official functions working in responsible positions on research management, developing strategic partnerships with international, national and regional scientific and industrial organizations, funding research programs at national and international levels, not to mention executive positions at the French Ministry of research.
Currently, Magali is serving on numerous study panels and is currently active in a number of scientific societies.